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If you have been arrested  DUI in Brookhaven Georgia, you need to have Brookhaven DUI lawyers that know the local area and court system.

What you need to know about Brookhaven Georgia Municipal Court:

How does a Georgia DUI Lawyer understand Brookhaven DUI laws when the Brookhaven Municipal Court (and city itself) was incorporated in 2013. The answer is easy. The Solicitor in Brookhaven (the prosecutor) is the same prosecutor in Sandy Springs, Dunwoody, Johns Creek, and Doraville. Since these city courts are part-time courts, they have hired a private law firm to act as the prosecutor. As a result, the Howard Law Group Lawyers are completely familiar with the prosecutors that will be assigned to the Brookhaven Municipal Court.

Familiarity is extremely important. Our Brookhaven DUI Lawyers have been working with these prosecutors since the existence of the cities of Sandy Springs, Dunwoody, and Johns Creek. (Doraville was incorporated decades earlier but hired these same prosecutors recently). When you hire a Howard Law Group Attorney you know that your case will be handled compassionately and with skill. A Brookhaven DUI attorney will fully investigate your DUI case in Brookhaven GA and look for any potential defenses.

The Chief Judge in the Brookhaven Municipal Court is the Honorable Laura Stevenson. The Associate Judge is the Honorable Jonathan Granade. Their biographies can be found on the Brookhaven Judge’s website. The court’s jurisdiction includes municipal code violations, traffic tickets, and traffic law misdemeanors, such as DUI. It also includes possession of marijuana, minor in possession of alcohol, and shoplifting.

The Court is presently located (it will be moving this summer) at 2 Corporate Blvd. Suite 125, Brookhaven, GA 30329. The court can be contacted at 404-637-0660 or at: court@brookhavenga.gov However, you cannot and should not ever try to contact a judge directly. You can however, speak to a clerk of court for basic information.

Realistically, if you have been arrested in Brookhaven on a Georgia DUI Charge, you are going to need a Lawyer who understands the system. As a Former Prosecutor, we know how the State will process your case. Contact the Howard Law Group to discuss your Brookhaven DUI charge. Let us help!

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