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Are you are dealing with an arrest for a DUI in Georgia on a Forth Offense? If so, you are facing a serious felony offense. You are facing mandatory jail or prison time. You are facing high fines and loss of your drivers license for 10 years. This suspension will be on top of any other suspension you are already serving. As a Former Prosecutor, we have seen the State’s Attorney’s Office be extremity tough and unforgiving in these matters.

However, an arrest for DUI does not mean you are Guilty of anything. Never assume guilt. There are defenses to DUI in Georgia. No person in Georgia is presumed guilty. In fact, you are presumed innocent if arrested for 4th DUI In Georgia. There are defenses to your case. There are alternative sentences. There is hope.

Those DUI Defenses can include challenging the reason that your were stopped, the probable cause for your arrest, the violation of of your implied consent rights, the actual arrest procedure, and the challenge to the accuracy of the chemical test given in your case ( blood, breath, or urine ). We can also challenge the accuracy and interpretation of the field sobriety tests used in your case. Those subject “tests” can be challenged and should never be assumed to be judged accurately.

 Penalties for a DUI in Georgia forth offense can include:

  • 5 years Prison less any time served on probation
  • Mandatory minimum incarceration of at least 90 days to 1 year.
  • 10 Year license Suspension – possible permit with ignition interlock after 2 years.
  • Limited permit (if granted will last for the remainder of 8 years)
  • Fines of $1000 – $5000
  • 480 hours of community service (60 full, 8 hour days) ( unless serving a minimum of 3 years prison )
  • Surrender of License Plate
  • 17 weeks of Alcohol and drug counseling
  • Mandatory Treatment DUI Court Programs -Court Supervised Intensive Alcohol and Drug Treatment
  • Publication of Photo in the local newspaper at your own expense
  • Status of being a convicted felon for the rest of your life.

If you are arrested for a 4th Georgia DUI, contact the Howard Law Group immediately. They are prepared to mount the defense necessary to minimize the impact your life. Felony DUI is a serious and scary problem.


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