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A DUI charge in Georgia can stay on a record for a minimum of five years.  In Georgia, there is a common misconception that after a certain period, perhaps 5 or 7 years, a conviction will “disappear” off your driving or criminal history. Although any conviction will become less relevant as time passes, there is no period beyond which a record of your conviction will disappear. As a result, if you have a prior criminal conviction from 20 years ago, it is likely that the prosecutor will know about it when you show up to court.

A prior conviction can affect how the judge views your case even if it was 10 or 20 years ago. A second or third offense will bring tougher penalties and the possibility of jail time and fines. If you remain law-abiding following a conviction, a DUI can gradually have less of an impact on certain situations.

While it may be more difficult to secure employment, it may be easier to be hired if the conviction is not a recent one. Despite the advantages of time, some types of employment could still be out of reach. You may not be able to get a job involving a vehicle, such as employment as a courier, cab driver, school bus driver or truck driver.

A DUI does not automatically vanish from your driving record after a period of time. In some states, an attorney can have a DUI  conviction removed from a person’s record by “expunction,” which means that someone hiring you or giving you credit will not see the conviction. Not all states permit this; in Georgia, for example, there is no expunction law, and a DUI conviction can never be removed.

Expunction is usually limited to a first offense or an arrest that does not lead to a conviction. In states that allow it, it is up to the court to decide whether expunction is granted. To determine if there is a legal way to improve your circumstances, obtain the help of a DUI attorney where you live to see what your state laws allow.

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