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When dealing with the complexities of a Georgia DUI, legal representation is a valuable, and often essential, commodity. A Georgia DUI lawyer is a criminal defense attorney specializing in defending people charged with DUI criminal offenses. This type of lawyer is invaluable for his or her ability to help explain legal circumstances to you, including what constitutes driving under the influence and how serious the charges against you may be. Atlanta or Georgia DUI lawyers are very experienced in dealing with the DUI laws that pertain to the State of Georgia, and they can use this knowledge to help you fight any DUI charges. While a Georgia DUI lawyer cannot always guarantee your charges will be dropped, he or she can provide essential legal counsel and help you take the best course of action depending on your specific circumstances. Following are some of the main areas in which a DUI lawyer can be very helpful:Howard Law Group

To Plead or Not to Plead

A Georgia DUI lawyer can offer valuable advice on whether or not you should plead guilty during your arraignment. It is always best to avoid pleading guilty without first enlisting legal counseling. During the initial conference, the lawyer cross-examines the witnesses that the prosecution brings against you. A good Georgia DUI attorney can help you get many DUI charges dropped at this early stage.

Pre-Trial Conferences

In addition to helping you decide whether you should plead guilty, your DUI lawyer can be very helpful during pre-trial conferences (the negotiations that occur before an actual trial is set). This is another opportunity the lawyer has to get any charges against you dropped. At a minimum, a good lawyer may be able to get the charges against you reclassified into a non-alcohol- or non-drug-related incident.


A good Georgia DUI lawyer can also file several motions on your behalf in a DUI case. For example, he or she may file for a motion to suppress your statements if you are arrested or force an evidentiary hearing to discover evidence the prosecution holds against you. Both of these measures can increase your chance of preparing a good defense.


If your DUI case reaches trial, your lawyer can participate in the juror selection and defend you during the trial itself. He or she can also provide expert witnesses and hire investigators who strengthen your defense and weaken that of the prosecution, as well as cross-examine the prosecution’s witnesses for this purpose.

A good DUI lawyer can be one of your most valuable assets during the frustrations of a DUI trial. While hiring one can require an initial investment, the knowledge gained and potential money saved from having charges dropped is well worth the expense.

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