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Let’s face it, young adults make mistakes. We were all 21 once and made some bad decisions. However, a DUI Charge in Georgia when you are under 21 should not be a blemish on your record for the rest of your life. It can have many impacts later on. As a Former Prosecutor, we can tell you that the Georgia Court system can be tough and now always fair.

An even greater challenge is that when young, you are most likely unsure of your career and educational goals. A DUI conviction may serve as an eliminator for many options that you may not even have considered. A DUI conviction on your record can also harm your chances of obtaining opportunities at certain prestigious graduate and professional schools. Also, employers are more likely to hire someone without a DUI versus an equally qualified person with a DUI on their record.

We are living in a time where no one seems to get a second chance. We get calls every day from people in their 20s who want us to re-open or look at cases that were closed years ago. They ask us about expunging their records or sealing their records. Their prior DUI’s are preventing them from getting a job or seeking an opportunity. We have to unfortunately tell those callers that there is nothing that can be done now.

If you are charged with DUI or DUI as a person under the age of 21, you must fight your case now. You must hire the best DUI lawyer now. You must defend your Georgia DUI case now. You need to seek the best counsel and fight your case while it’s still pending. Your case will not defend itself. Time is of the essence and your case needs attention today, not years later when you cannot be helped.

There is Hope if You are Under the Age of 21 and Charged with DUI in Georgia:

The Howard Law Group can help you work through your charges and understand what you are facing. We can help you build a defense and bring your case through the trial process as well as filing motions on your behalf aimed to dismiss or reduce charges. If you are under 21 and are facing DUI charges, or if you are the parent or guardian of a young person facing DUI charges, let the Howard Law Group guide you through the process. Contact our office!

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