Top Fulton County DUI Lawyers

A DUI Charge in Fulton County Georgia is no laughing matter. It’s a serous offense and needs a serious Georgia Lawyer to guide a person through the process. As a Former Prosecutor, we can tell you that if you or someone you know has been charged with a DUI in Fulton County, the State will prosecute you to the fullest extent of the law.

A Fulton County DUI arrest is truly a life-changing event, and spending a night in the Fulton County Jail is not pleasant. As soon as you get home, your mailbox will begin to fill with mail from Fulton County DUI lawyers who make a living by taking on many cases and having clients plead guilty at the Fulton County arraignment.

Georgia DUI Lawyer’s

All top Fulton County DUI lawyers have different legal practices and strategies for defending DUI cases. All Fulton County drunk driving attorneys have a State of Georgia Bar license, but have very little experience in facing a tough prosecutor. A good Georgia DUI Lawyer is a Aggressive Litigator who understand the system.

Fulton County Municipal Court – DUI in Fulton County – Fulton County Courthouse – State Court of Fulton County

To successfully challenge a DUI arrest in Fulton County State Court or Fulton County Municipal Court, builds a plan of attack, and files specific pre-trial motions that can exclude police evidence and discovery requests.

The Howard Law Group will represent you in both the administrative courts (for the ALS driver’s license suspension) and the criminal courts (either at Fulton County Traffic Court or in Fulton Municipal Court for a jury trial).

Many Fulton County DUI attorneys take on a lot of cases and then just have clients plead out to a “guilty” disposition. These high-volume firms are fine for clients who either lack the funds to fight a criminal case with a private attorney, or who take drunk driving charges too lightly.

If you or someone you know has had a DUI Charge in Fulton County Georgia, then you will need a Georgia DUI Lawyer to represent you. Don’t go at it ALONE. Contact the Howard Law Group ASAP.

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