Georgia DUI First Offense Lawyers

A Georgia DUI Arrest can be a humiliating and humbling experience. For most, it affects you, your friends, and family. However, a Georgia DUI Arrest doesn’t mean it’s an automatic conviction.

You are under arrest when the officer informs you that you are to be taken into official custody. You will not necessarily be placed in handcuffs.

The cop can arrest you without corroboration that your BAC is too high. He or she may use “probable cause” if it seems clear that you are under the excessive influence of drugs or alcohol. You may be detained without any test results if you refuse to cooperate by taking field sobriety tests or a chemical test.

Hiring the right Georgia DUI Lawyer is crucial. Don’t assume you will just Plea Bargin your case away. Law Enforcement can make mistakes offering you a change to fight your Georgia DUI.

Contact the Howard Law Group today so we can get working on your Georgia DUI case. If you or someone you know has been arrested in Georiga on a DUI, lawyers can look over your case and starting fighting for  you.

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