If you’re convicted of a first-time DUI in Georgia, you should expect to spend 24 hours in jail (or 48 hours in some counties). In addition, expect a one-year license suspension. If you’re over 21, you may be able to get your license back at the end of 120 days if you have completed an alcohol/drug risk reduction course and paid the appropriate reinstatement fee

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License Suspension

Georgia law permits a prosecutor to reduce charges from a DUI to reckless driving. However, there are two things to consider: your record will continue to show a disposition for DUI, and you may recieve the same penalties as if convicted of a DUI. Reduction to reckless driving more typically occurs in first offenses.

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Ask a Lawyer

In order to be able to reduce the charges, you will need to get the courts to look in your favor. You will also need to see if there were procedures performed incorrectly by the police and if they had a legitimate reason to pull you over in the first place. Look for these possible police errors:

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Former Prosecutor

The state of Georgia prohibits reduction of DUI charges into lesser criminal convictions as a plea option, however, within a given case, numerous avenues for negotiating a favorable plea deal still do exist. Likewise, defendants should actively seek out dismissal of charges altogether. In either case, you may need the assistance of an attorney.

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